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About Me

I'm a UX product design and research leader who puts the user in the center, and user experience at the center of the company. Responsible for the discipline that turns tough problems into simple, delightful solutions, my teams partner with product, engineering, support and sales as the fulcrum of a well-crafted end-to-end user experience.

I have managed, grown and developed talented, scrappy UX design and research teams from without and within the org through immersive training, ongoing mentoring, internships and positive behavioral modeling. You'll find me comfortable being hands-on as a player/coach fostering a flat, collaborative team dynamic.

As a generalist, I bring a critical eye to the problems we face, with empathy for our user’s latent needs, balanced with data-driven insights and differentiation in the marketplace. That difference is rarely measured in comparing lists of features, it’s measured in ease-of-use, sentiment and NPS numbers. It’s measured in community, reputation and peer-to-peer marketing.

As I continue to gain experience in my craft, I look to apply my skillset and passion to problem spaces and products aimed toward benefitting society. Currently in EdTech, I also have experience in HealthTech, GovTech and a broad range of B2B and B2C SaaS businesses.

I bring to every challenge a mix of accrued knowledge, healthy skepticism and voracious curiosity.

Curriculum Vitae

Skill Proficiency


Senior Director of User Experience, Digital Education


2019 - Present

Hands-on UX research and design leader for Wiley's digital education division

User research, qual and quant

Design of new learning platform built on modern micro-services architecture

Implement and evangelize design system

Mentor, develop and grow UX team

Created UX/R internship program 

Director of UX Research & Design


2016 - 2019

Acquired by Wiley, 2019

Built and led UX design and research for launch of Knewton Alta

Implemented design system

Grew and developed UX Team 

Developed UX process with product, engineering, marketing, and customer support

Conducted user research with focus groups, surveys Measured user sentiment in-app

Satisfaction ratings for instructors hit 92% and the customer-based increased 2 to 3x YoY.

Senior Design Director

Everyday Health

2015 - 2016

Modernization of UX design tools and design system  

Initiating the use of responsive web design

UX design for What to Expect When You’re Expecting​ native and web apps 

Grew and stabilized the design team

Introduced new UX processes and tools, design sprints

Developed custom medical illustrations

Chief Experience Officer

BlueLine Grid

2013 - 2015

Founding employee

Lead UX design and engineering of a suite of mobile command/control tools and mobile apps targeting government agencies and first responders

Collaborated with founders and first responder advisors in the NYPD and LAPD

Prototyped new apps and features for the web and iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Company secured $3.8M in funding from In-Q-Tel

VP, Creative Director

Horn Group

2005 - 2013

Managed a multimillion-dollar P&L for this award-winning digital communications agency

Built and managed a team of 13 designers and developers 

Provided UX design for technology companies

Contributed to the acquisition of Right Media by Yahoo! for $850M dollars

Selective Side Projects


My portfolio may include case studies and design samples from a range of side projects.

Too Much Information


1 Eagle Scout Rank


2 Children Created


30 Years in New York City


1 Skydive Completed


1 Album Recorded


2 Marathons Completed