BlueLine Grid

Command and Control for First Responders

Chief Experience Officer

My Role

Chief Experience Officer

Founding Employee

I provided strategic design work that lead to securing seed funding for the company, as well as all its products and prototypes leading to Series A funding and ultimately acquisition.

My Product Portfolio


A Professional Network for Law Enforcement

BlueLine Grid Messenger

Secure mobile chat app with geofencing and group messaging

BlueLine Grid Command

Team control and coordination with alerts and data sharing for first responders not typically in contact

BlueLine Grid GeoCast

Simple mobile video livestreaming app for law enforcement to share real time video from the field

BlueLine Grid OpenBridge

Audio group conference calling for first responders and government agencies

My Responsibilities

Lead UX Design and Strategy

Research with SMEs & Stakeholders

Prototype new features and products

Collaborate with Product & Engineering


UX Designer









Product Manager



Law Enforcement SMEs




NYC, Mauritius & Jaipur, India

BlueLine Grid

An integrated suite of SaaS products for first responders and government agencies to securely communicate and coordinate for more efficient and effective outcomes

BlueLine Grid's goal was to promote frictionless, affordable communication between first responders and government agencies such as police, fire, parks, sanitation and more around events and active emergencies in ways that traditionally were fragmented or expensive.

Using secure software that could be installed on personal devices, agencies could more effectively reach, monitor, coordinate and orchestrate their people in the filed with audio, video, geofencing, messaging and alerts capabilities.

BlueLine Grid Messenger

Messenger was the first BlueLine product to combine the BlueLine Directory of verified law enforcement, first responder and government agency users with a secure messenger product. This app was created to run on department-provided or in some cases personal mobile iOS and Android devices for a fraction of the cost of specialized equipment which is often quickly outmoded and not compatible with other agencies.

BlueLine Grid GeoCast

GeoCast was a mobile app integrated with the BlueLine suite of products to allow individual officers, agents and government employees to share their location and at times livestream video of the scene back to the GridCommand Administrator device, with the ultimate goal of enabling this technologies at Fusion Centers and other key points of coordination.

BlueLine Grid OpenBridge (Beta)

OpenBridge was another mobile app integrated with the BlueLine suite of products to enable extremely simple, secure conference calling among team members and any officer, agent or employee listed in the BlueLine Grid directory. The beta was conducted with members of the Major Cities Chiefs organization.

Early wires imagining a more feature-rich implementation.

Beta Mobile UI

BlueLine GridCommand

GridCommand enabled administrators to communicate, coordinate, track and share information with individuals and groups of first responders in the field.

GridCommand Demo Video